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Videos about the Domancic Method...

THINK ABOUT IT - Explores an innovative solution for healthcare by introducing and examining the effects, results and the future of bioenergy healing.

Although bioenergy still cannot be defined, this film demystifies the "miracle" of energy healing, showing that curing a serious illness, can be an innate ability which lies dormant in each one of us.

THINK ABOUT IT, counterbalances this seemingly esoteric subject with a thoughtful, straight forward treatment of real-life experiences and impressions of patients, cutting edge scientists, medical doctors, bioenergy students and the renowned healer, Zdenko Domancic

Filled with insight about a new and unusual way of perceiving and understanding healing, THINK ABOUT IT invites the viewer to contemplate and reassess their own beliefs about health and medicine.

The Domancic Method in the USA - Powerful results after 4 days of the Domancic Method. Watch the story and the results of participants who all showed real improvement both physical and emotional during the group event. The participants along with the therapists (who came from Europe, Canada and the US) describe the experience of the energy, the power of the group and the importance today and in the future of Bioenergy Therapy -- the Zdenko Domancic Method.

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